A Note About Street Music (Busking)

            In 2015, I started busking in downtown Greenville (SC). It has been a real joy to share my music with the city I love and to interact with the kindhearted, generous people who stop by. There was a time in Ireland when pipers would travel from town to town, bringing their music with them. It was a huge ordeal when a famous piper showed up, and people would drop what they were doing to go watch and hear him. There was nothing between the piper and his audience; folks could freely interact with him. Though the town treated him almost like a rock star, he was there with them, among them, a part of them, not just some guy up on stage who would leave as soon as he got paid.

            Being able to share music in a similar manner, albeit with much less fanfare in this entertainment-rich culture, has truly been a  wonderful experience, especially in regards to introducing people to the uilleann pipes for the first time. Busking has become such an integral part of my life, and not just professionally, but also socially. I have been on recordings, played in weddings, and been involved with various bands, but busking has been the most rewarding.


            I normally play downtown Friday evenings after 6 PM and Saturday from 11-4. If you want to visit Greenville specifically during a time in which I am playing, send me an email and I'll let you know for sure if I'll be there. Check out the video below to see my busking in action!