What Others Have Said

            "It was a privilege and blessing to have Daniel play the uilleann pipes at our wedding. Christina had long dreamed of having two specific songs at her wedding, of course played on the Irish pipes. When she showed the music to Daniel, he agreed to play for us, despite never having heard the songs! With a cheerful and servant's heart, he learned the songs and performed them splendidly, along with an ensemble of 9 musicians (who rehearsed together only the day before). He was a joy to work with: a skilled musician, good-tempered, and completely reliable. The music complemented our ceremony wonderfully-- excellent, joyous, and solemn-- and led several of our guests to leave exclaiming 'now THAT was a wedding!'"

--Ryan & Christina Szrama

            "Daniel Hendrix is an excellent musician. He is creative and easy to work with. We have enjoyed working with him in recording our latest Christmas and hymn CD's and updating a third."

--Lisha Haase, Producer of Celtic Echoes (http://www.celticechoesmusic.com)


            "I was privileged to have Daniel play the pipes and whistle on one of my choral pieces in Spring '06. My arrangement of "Salley Gardens" was submitted to Hinshaw Music, and they asked me for a recording in order to hear how the whistle and pipes would mesh with the Men's Glee. With just a minimum of rehearsal time, Daniel played beautifully on the concert and was able to move from whistle to pipes with such ease. He is a wonderful musician, and I heartily recommend him! His love of Celtic styles shines in performance. He is enormously talented and a very nice person as well."

--Dr. Dan Rash, Professor of Music, Clemson University


            "Daniel played the uilleann pipes at my wedding, and I was so lucky to find him. He plays beautifully and was very accommodating to my requests. The uilleann pipes is such a unique instrument with a unique sound. I am so happy that I was able to add that uniqueness to my wedding ceremony through Daniel."

--Erin Johnson


            "I give Daniel Hendrix five stars!  He was well prepared.  His interpretation of the piece was right on.  He was at rehearsals and performances on time or early, tuned up and ready to go. Also, very easy to work with.  I would highly recommend him."

--Chris Watkins, Music Director, First Baptist Church of Toccoa


            "Daniel Hendrix was a great professional uilleann piper, especially at the price! He already had a nice repertoire of Irish folk music, just as you would expect.  He travelled several hours, making it early to the occasion.  He even managed to work with a harpist on the fly!  His tone, attack, and understanding of the music and suitable volume is spot on.  Also, he was very easy to work with and went out of his way to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.   Chan fhiach cuirm gun a pìobare (A feast is no good without a piper)!"

--Kit Carson, Author


            "I had the opportunity to accompany Daniel's uilleann pipes at a wedding that was set to the theme of an ancient Celtic marriage ceremony. He was extremely accommodating and easy to coordinate with. I would highly recommend him for any event in which your desire is for the guests to be instantly impressed with the skill and liveliness with which he plays the uilleann pipes."

--Hailey Smith, Harpist (www.harpistfortheking.com



                  "I met Daniel one year ago while he was engaged in a street performance in Greenville, SC. The sound of his music was an immediate draw for me. Since that time, we have hired Daniel to play at several events at our Aquarium, providing music to greet visitors on their way into the Center. Everyone loves his soft piping. Daniel is ever pleasant, and has even dressed in pirate theme for a couple of events! His musical talent goes without question. He has a very easy and welcoming demeanor to all and answers questions about his unique skill to all interested. Daniel Hendrix is a solid musician and person. We have never been let down and look forward to working with him on a continuing basis. He is professional, engaging, and easily enjoyed by all ages."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  --Brenda j Ramer, M. Ed. Founder & Executive Director of Team Ecco, Inc. (www.teamecco.org)



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